The application has been developed by Athens Technology Center S.A (ATC for short) and the Innovation Lab. As a project, ADAMO has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration as a sub-grant of the frontierCities accelerator programme.

ATC has an extensive experience in large scale research and development projects. We have led and directed several European Commission projects and partnered with international industry leaders and top-tier universities, as well as pioneer smart cities. As a consequence, we possess a deep knowledge and understanding of innovative technologies and the science that propels them, often as early as from the very point that they are born. We contribute to the vision and the evolution of these technologies, instead of merely being early adopters.

The ATC Innovation Lab (iLab for short) carries more than 25 years of expertise in Research and Development. The focus is on innovation aspects, which are often overshadowed by research concerns, and on turning promising ideas into concrete and robust products, in a cost and time-efficient manner. Having incubated most of the current commercially oriented ATC business units, ATC is committed to continue along this successful path: Discover or conceptualize Innovation first, then turn it into working systems through intense and continuous involvement in cutting-edge innovation projects.