ADAMO introduces innovative technologies for geographically enhanced touristic information, which are brought together to cover the lack of integrated solutions for the management of touristic services, enriched with advanced mobility solutions. Our solution exploits the advanced offerings of smart cities to deliver a personalised experience for leisure tourists and business travellers in order to discover the most suitable city break paths for attractions and touristic services, considering mobility and time constraints.

The ADAMO application supports the needs of the tourism industry for an innovative way to provide touristic services. It offers a personalised city tour planning experience, which builds on the travellers’ dynamically built travel and mobility preferences. Through this application, we propose a complete touristic schedule, which relaxes the barriers that a visitor could come across when travelling around a city (such as the complexity of the mobility network) and is flexible enough to allow tourists modifying the proposed routes.

The application is a key solution for increasing the tourism profile of a city as well. The city can acquire an innovative, state-of-the-art technological solution, which addresses the needs of the visitors and tourists in the area of the city, by implementing the directives of the tourism strategy for the implementation of city break and thematic walks. On the other hand, the city can gain from the increase of the visitors’ population in the local markets, businesses and enterprises, as ADAMO is indirectly raising opportunities for pushing visitors to spend more in the local economy.

Further to it, cities will be able to explore new and innovative ways for strengthening the presence of the local businesses and bloom the potentials of the regional economy. ADAMO can eventually support multidisciplinary local businesses to reach the most appropriate travellers through targeted advertisement. The ADAMO city tour planning is the best way for them to increase their visibility to tourists and travellers by revealing to these stakeholders the hidden value of the local economy and enabling them explore local business for specific purposes.