ADAMO is built on FIWARE technologies to provide geographically enhanced touristic information for tourists and business travelers. The application adopts a multi-facet approach to explore the semantic relationships between points of interest within a city, according to user specific and city mobility criteria, to build personalized touristic paths. ADAMO is provided as an interactive application over the Web and accessed from mobile devices, which dynamically adapts the proposed city tour plans, according to profiling, geographical and mobility criteria.


ADAMO is based on the instances of the FIWARE GE reference implementations located in the FIWARE Catalogue, which offer usable application programming interfaces through, mainly, REST Web Service technologies. In that respect, FIWARE technologies complement ADAMO dedicated development in the following areas:

  • Authentication and Authorisation services: Through the combination of the Identity Management - KeyRock GE, the Authorization PDP - AuthZForce GE and the PEP Proxy - Wilma GE, ADAMO will be able to define specific permissions and policies that will allow different access levels to ADAMO service resources from the various ADAMO stakeholders.
  • Management of points of interest (POIs) and routes: ADAMO exploits both generic (POI Data Provider, Object Storage) and specific (FIcontent POI Proxy Swagger) enablers from FIWARE to process candidate places for visit and integrate them into city break routes that meet certain time constraints and user requirements.
  • Storage and Virtualisation: the deployment environment of the ADAMO project is built on top of Docker virtualisation technologies to allow providing ADAMO components as containers.

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