The solution

ADAMO introduces innovative technologies for geographically enhanced touristic information, which are brought together to cover the lack of integrated solutions for the management of touristic services, enriched with advanced mobility solutions. The ADAMO solution exploits the advanced offerings of smart cities to deliver a personalized experience for tourists and travelers in order to discover the most suitable city break paths for attractions and touristic services, considering mobility and time constraints.

Raising Impact

Being either a citizen, a traveler, a city or a local enterprise, ADAMO can support your needs for an innovative way to access touristic services. It offers a personalized tour planning experience, which exploits their dynamically built tourism, travel and mobility preferences. Cities will be able to explore new and innovative ways for strengthening the presence of the local businesses and bloom the potentials of the regional economy. ADAMO can eventually support multidisciplinary local businesses to reach the most appropriate travelers through targeted advertisement.

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