ADAMO promotes local economy development by exploring new promotional routes, meeting the specific objectives set in the strategic plan of multidisciplinary local businesses, increasing their visibility and reach, and focusing on the end users as potential customers of the city enterprises.

Increase business visibility

The ADAMO product effectively addresses the concerns of local enterprises on how they could properly advertise their business. The ADAMO city tour planning is the best way for them to increase their visibility to tourists and business travellers, as well as the citizens, by revealing to them the hidden value of the local economy and enabling them explore local business for specific purposes. Thorugh this, ADAMO, provide incentives for the touristic development of specific city areas.

Connect offers to preferences

Through ADAMO, a new way for product and service advertisement is provided to local enterprises, which can virtually reach the appropriate audience for their offers. ADAMO will act as a fair advertisement hub, by connecting the tourists' profile and the developed routes with the type and location of the local enterprises and matching them with offers in local products and services.