ADAMO was founded in 2015 with the goal to assist tourists and business travellers in better planning their time when visiting a new city or place. The exploitation of ICT advances in the area of smart cities is a key guiding light for ADAMO, which will encourage the tourism industry to adopt innovative ways towards enriching the touristic services.

Through the implementation of ADAMO, our expectations were to address personalisation in the development of the strategy for tourism and the integration of ICT smart solutions as part of touristic service portfolio in cities with a particular interest in m-tourism, like the city of Athens.

Our vision is for the ADAMO application to go beyond existing touristic applications by providing citizens, tourists and business travellers the ability to explore the cultural and touristic attractions of a city like being a native and support first the cities in demonstrating their touristic and cultural beauty and, subsequently, the local businesses in effectively advertising their offerings to the clients of the tourism industry.

Download the ADAMO roll-up banner.